Time to play

After almost 3 weeks of waiting I got my latest server over the weekend so it’s time to play. The other servers I have are all Virtual Private servers or VPS’s which basically it’s like having your own dedicated server but its shared so the resources, memory and cpu etc are shared. This latest server is a dedicated server which means it’s all mine, well mine and Joby’s.

This is the first dedicated server that I have had for a couple of years, and every server I have had has been Redhat/Centos flavours of linux and has had one of the main stream control panels ie plesk or cpanel. This time I’ve gone for Debian Squeeze and the free control panel ISP Config 3 so it’s time to play.

We have a couple of weeks to get Joby’s clients on to the new server before our shared VPS is cancelled. I only have two sites to move immediately as I have moved a number of mine to other VPS’s that I have got over the past few months but I still have to get my head around ISP Config so that I can help Joby move his clients.

Here comes the fun (I know sad isn’t it:))

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